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Melanie Haarhaus has always been a stranger in a strange world.

She grew up in an incredibly small Bavarian village named
Oberhartheim, with about 30 other inhabitants, among them,
disappointingly, not a single dwarf.
Realizing she had to devise her own world in order not to feel
lost, she soon concentrated on the creations of her mind.
Evolving an eager interest in everything that seemed to be not
really common and equally strange, the things which one does
not easily see at first glance especially grabbed her attention-
and what could be more suitable than anything that was small?

Her enthusiasm for the details of the world culminated in a
scrupulous and elaborate dollhouse.
An almost perfect rendition of her very own universe, a
miniature reproduction of life as it should be.

Even though she grew up she never really got over this.
Her interests turned towards more mature subjects, so to speak,
but they all still share a certain strangeness, be it in terms of
music, movies, arts or the selection of her social surroundings.

What they all have in common is a certain beauty within or beyond.