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featured in the exhibition
"Ich bin in der Mitte deines Bildes" by Lisa Holzer 2011

participant of the exhibition
"Gin Palace" by Jimmy Zurek 2009

second solo exhibition 2007

awarded by the Austrian Bundeskanzleramt section for art 2007

collaboration with Anna Aichinger 2006-2007

featured in the exhibition
"Vögel - NataschaHochenegg LisaHolzer" 2004

first solo exhibition 2003

lives and works in Vienna, Austria,
since 1998

employment at jewellery manufacture company
"schmuck-werk" in Düsseldorf

awarded by the Handwerkskammer
Düsseldorf 1997

graduated top of class 1997

apprenticeship as a jeweller at Klaus Koll in Essen 1993-1997

diploma from German secondary school qualifying
for university admission in Ingolstadt 1992

born in Munich, Germany, 1972