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For Melanie Haarhaus,
jewellery design turned out to be the perfect means of
expression in many respects.
The artist’s fascination with miniatures and the obscure
beneath the obvious, as well as the desire to make reality look
less gruesome by converting it into something beautiful.

Traditional crafts meet an Oscar Wildesque view of beauty
and an affinity for fine details.
An attempt to transfer the classic into modernity without
loosing contact to the technical roots.

Characteristic for her jewellery are handmade one-of-a-kinds,
sometimes combining vintage elements with her own designs,
always focusing on high quality technical craftsmanship.

In 2005 she abandoned her second career as professional
bartender in one of the world’s most adored cocktail bars,
the Loos-American-Bar in Vienna, to fully concentrate
on her jewellery.